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We are dedicated to ensuring that our website is accessible to everyone. We have taken careful steps to increase the usability of our site by following the guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium Web Accessibility Initiative.

Access Keys (Keyboard Shortcuts)

Access keys allow users to access links without the use of a mouse. For Windows users, hold down the alt key and the access key that corresponds to the link, once the link has been selected, press the enter key. Macintosh users should hold down the command key and the desired access key.

Below are the access keys which have been defined for this site.
(ALT + h) - Homepage
(ALT + a) - Accessibility
(ALT + p) - Help
(ALT + -) - Small text version
(ALT + +) - Large text version

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All links have been assigned a tab order so that people who do not have a mouse can easily tab through links. In addition, we have avoided using links such as "click here" that do not make sense when read out of context.

Screen Readers

At the beginning of each page are invisible links designed to assist people who are using screen readers. These can not be seen using a monitor, but they will be the first thing read by screen readers. These link the user to the body of each page so that users do not have to listen to the entire navigation bar as each page is opened.

Consistent Page Layout

For consistent page layout, this site uses templates and cascading style sheets. In addition to page consistency, cascading style sheets have the added benefit of allowing users to use their own style sheets to control the appearance font (changing the color, size, style, etc.). This makes the site more user friendly to people with and without disabilities. In addition, headings are programmed correctly to allow people using screen readers to scan the page and identify sections they would like read.


Tables are used in this website only when there is tabular information.


In order to assure that text is readable, the majority of text is placed over a white background.